Research shows we need to replenish 5 micronutrients each day.



Clean, Whole Food, Predigested Macro nutrients. Your largest nutritional intake comes from things called Macro nutrients which are Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. Research shows that an improvement in the type of macronutrient foods you eat can have a dramatic improvement on your health and weight. It’s not just calories as many people have thought. It is the type of calories that determines your energy, vitality and fat levels according to an April 2015 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. More research from a March 2015 study at a National Food Institute showed that although food chemicals from one or two foods do not immediately harm the body, the “cocktail” effect from our diets can cause a large increase in risks for disease. Almost every grain, fruit, vegetable and especially animal meats are exposed to chemicals, genetic modification pesticides and heavy processing.

Vitamins & Minerals

Research shows that 97% of the population is deficient in some vitamins and minerals with over half the population deficient in many. The main deficiencies are vitamins D, E, A, C and certain B Vitamins, while the major mineral deficiencies include Calcium for bones and Magnesium for heart and other muscles. A deficiency in these nutrients creates compromised immune systems, rapid aging and a lack of energy. Even a small deficiency of vitamins and minerals can wreak havoc in the body from lack of muscle strength (magnesium), energy (B) and depression (D). In a subgroup analysis of overweight individuals, a study showed that nutrient deficiencies indeed contributes to the rapid increase in US obesity rates over the past decades. US citizens who take multivitamins had a lower prevalence of inadequacy of micronutrients compared to nonusers. Furthermore Agarwal et al. were able to show that “supplement users are more likely to have healthier diets compared to non-users” (Agarwal. 2014).

OMEGA Fatty Acids

BasicsOmega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are important in the normal functioning of all tissues of the body. Deficiencies in these fatty acids lead to a host of symptoms and disorders including abnormalities in the liver and the kidneys, reduced growth rates, decreased immune function, depression, and dryness of the skin. Adequate intake of the essential fatty acids results in numerous health benefits. Documented benefits include prevention of atherosclerosis, reduced incidence of heart disease and stroke, and relief from the symptoms associated with ulcerative colitis, menstrual pain, and joint pain.2-4, Omega-3 fatty acid levels have also been associated with decreased breast cancer risk.5,6. Most people think of fish oils when it comes to Omega 3 supplementation but research shows that fish oils can contain mercury and the processing can easily damage the fatty acid structures. Algae, Flax Seed oil and borage have shown to provide even higher levels of healthy omega 3 fats (DHA) than fish oils and they do it without the heavy processing or mercury problems. Most people don’t know that fish get their omega 3’s from algae. A vegetarian supplement with these ingredients just cuts out the middleman or middle fish if you would.


Eating the cleanest macro nutrient foods will not do you any good unless the foods are digested down to useable nutrients at the cell level. The non-digestion of foods can cause simple issues like bloating to severe disease states when larger molecules of undigested foods get into the bloodstream. Studies dating back to the 1970’sand before have shown the need to add back food enzymes and probiotics to processed and cooked foods to take the stress off of your digestive system. “Cooking and processing foods at temperatures over 118 F denatures the food and destroys enzymes. Over time, the consumption of enzyme-deficient foods stresses the body and eventually leads to degeneration and disease.” Kauthchakoff, M.D. WBC Raw Food Study, Karl Ransberger, Ph.D., Enzyme therapy (Vienna: Maudrich Verlad, 1970.)

Enzymes are in all raw foods and different enzymes digest different macronutrients. The enzymes that digest Proteins (proteases) are different than the ones that digest Carbs (amylases). Knowing the need for supplementation is pretty simple. If the food is cooked or highly processed, the enzymes are destroyed and your body will give up a tremendous amount of energy to digest it. If it doesn’t digest the food you are not only out energy, you will usually have bloating and allergy type issues from non-digestion. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that surround your intestinal tract. They act as an immune defense mechanism keeping you disease free and they help with the digestion and assimilation of nutrients into your bloodstream. Stress, chemicals, acidic foods, sodas and especially antibiotics found in prescriptions and our food supply destroy our friendly flora. Fermented foods like Kefir, Kim Chi and sour yogurts contain probiotics but unlike other countries, people in North America don’t eat fermented foods on a daily basis and thus are deficient in friendly flora.

Lifestyle and nutritional habits leave almost everyone deficient in essential nutrients. Even with efforts of eating healthier, the facts show that our chemically laden and nutrient deficient foods don’t provide everything our bodies need to reach optimal health. With inadequate nutrition, we lose energy, are more prone to disease and can create reactions in our bodies that turn on fat storage sensors.

I can help you replace the nutrients on a daily basis using the best supplements the market has to offer. Contact me today to learn what you can do to replace these nutrients on a daily basis.
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