The primary purpose of ALIGN COLUMBUS is to promote health and wellness through consistent chiropractic care.  While we understand many utilize chiropractic services for pain relief, the majority of our patients wish to function at their optimal level and take a proactive rather than a reactive approach to their health. These plans are perfect for those who are looking to receive the benefits of routine chiropractic care. HSA eligible. Medicare ineligible.

Pay Per Visit Chiropractic

First Visit / $80
One hour consultation, examination, and chiropractic adjustment

Repeat Visit / $40
30 minute chiropractic adjustment

New complaint or New Injury / $60
Re-evaluation for existing patient that has a new injury or new complaint that requires an additional work up. i.e: car accident, work injury, sprained ankle, or new shoulder injury.

Chiropractic Packages

For new or existing patients, visits may not be shared with friends or other family members. Payment due in full at time of visit. Visits include 30 minute chiropractic adjustment of spine and extremities.

5 Visits / $160
20% discount

10 Visits / $300
25% discount

15 Visits / $420
30% discount

20 Visits / $520
35% discount


If you are unsure of what vitamins to take this is for you! During a Nutrtion Scan over 30 different organ systems will be analyzed. Specific nurtition will be selected to help support your body. Throught this process we establish a specific vitamin regimine that is customized to your individual needs.

Total Nutrition Scan- Initial / $50

One hour consultation to determine what nutrients you need to feel your best.

Tune Up Nutrition Scan / $30

30 minute re-evaluation of your nutritional needs, dosages, and schedule.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape is a therapeutic procedure to help support your Chiropractic Adjustment by supporting muscles and joints while removing swelling from areas of inflammation.

Kinesio Tape Application / $10

Kinesio tape applied to one area when ALIGN COLUMBUS supplies  the tape;  $5 per additional area

Kinesio Tape Application / $5

Kinesio Tape application/ $5 if you supply the tape; $3 per additional area.


Single Visits are $60

5 Visits / $240
20% discount

10 Visits / $450
25% discount

15 Visits / $630
30% discount

20 Visits / $780
35% discount

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